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Professional Internship Work experience in Spain

Internships in Malaga Spain - creative internship opportunities for international students, recent graduates and young professionals in Spain Andalusia. Learn spanish language and culture in Malaga, Internship opportunityALHAMBRA INSTITUTO-SPAIN offers a professional internship experience in sunny Malaga. and other cities of Andalucia Each program begins with full time intensive Spanish language training in a group environment with other international students from all over the world. Programs range from 12-28 weeks in length with 2 – 4 weeks Spanish tuition to prepare your level for the Internship. Language classes will be arranged based of your current experience with the language. Upon completion of your Spanish language training, you will be placed in customized internship with a Spanish company. Beginners accepted (with the condition to make an intensive Spanish courses minimum 6 weeks prior internship).

An internship in Spain is the best opportunity to gain professional and international work experience and to improve your Spanish skills. INTERNSHIPS-JOBS-SPAIN offers you a wide range of internship placements with host companies of every field: marketing internships,travel agencies internships, Hotel and  Tourism internships, law internships, journalism internships, and more!


During your internship in Spain, you will get the following benefits:

  • Edition and translation of your internship documentation.
  • An internship placement according to your requirements and the company’s needs.
  • Introduction to the Spanish work culture.
  • Guidance and supervision from Spanish professionals.students to gain work experience abroad, improve their Spanish language skills, international relations, the nonprofit sector, Spanish studies, economics, jobs
  • 24 hour emergency phone to assist you during your stay in Spain.
  • Open and continuous communication with INTERNSHIPS-JOBS-SPAIN Spain and with your host company.
  • Compliance of all the legal and formal requirements of your internship.

Spanish level

It is not mandatory that you take a Spanish course to perform an internship in Spain, but you will need at least an intermediate level of Spanish (B1 or B2) to get started with your internship. To ensure that you have the Spanish level required by our host organizations, we will arrange a phone interview in Spanish. If you need to take a Spanish course, we will recommend you to take 6 to 8 weeks to achieve an intermediate level. Internships in Spain

We take care of your Internship

We work with international students with Spanish language training, work experience and cultural exchange in an international warm and friendly atmosphere. It is committed to develop innovative and creative internship opportunities and deliver to international students, recent graduates and young professionals the best opportunities to gain practical work experience in Spain; further develop their professional skills and internationalise their careers in order to ensure professional progression in an increasingly global business environment.


  • You need to fill in the forms and documents of the Internships Application Package and send them to INTERNSHIPS-JOBS-SPAIN Spain by email, together with the deposit payment confirmation.
  • To begin your internship in Spain you need at least an intermediate level of Spanish. You will have an interview in Spanish during your placement process.
  • Your studies and/or work experience should correlate to the field of work you request for your internship.
  • You need to commit to a minimum of two and a maximum of seven months to your assigned internship placement.learn spanish in Malaga , spanish language courses for intersnships students
  • You need to have finished high school and to be 18 or older.
  • You need to have an accident, illness and third party liability insurance coverage.
  • You are expected to respect the host institution’s norms, as well as the Terms and Conditions of INTERNSHIPS-JOBS-SPAIN Spain.
  • You need to be ready and willing to interact in a multicultural environment.


You receive 2 certificates: one for the language course and another for the internship. The first certifies you have taken part in the language course and specifies your competence in the Spanish language.

Certificate of participation in the Internships Program: On completion of the internship all interns will receive feedback from the our Organisation and a Certificate of the Internship already finish..

Arriving to Spain

On your first day, INTERNSHIPS-JOBS-SPAIN Spain will welcome you with an orientation talk. You will also receive a welcome folder containing useful information about Spain and Malaga. Our staff will also clarify all doubts, concerns, and questions you may have upon arrival about your internship program. On this first meeting the Internship Program Coordinator will inform you of your role and the tasks you will be completing in the host company or organization, as well as the date of your interview at the host company, to which you will go with your INTERNSHIPS-JOBS-SPAIN Spain tutor.


Malaga, Seville, Granada, Marbella

Most of our internship placements are based in Malaga city, Seville, Granada and other cities of Andalucia. We also have some host companies in the Costa del Sol cities such as Marbella, Fuengirola and Torremolinos mainly for Internships in Tourism sector.

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